Design and Architecture

Brilliant solution for an apartment of 32 square meters. meters

Maintain order in a small apartment is not easy. Many things have to be kept in plain sight, which means constantly dusting things off and shifting them from place to place. The French agency Batiik Studio has developed a convenient module that is designed for the smallest premises.

The internal space of the design is occupied by a comfortable spacious bed. Around him are a wardrobe and storage modules. The original booth can be closed, providing much needed privacy.

The design allows you to place in a confined space a full bed. The vacated part of the room contains the rest of the necessary furniture. The area of ​​this apartment is only 32 meters, but it has everything for a comfortable stay.

The design is a bet on eclecticism. Classic forms are presented in a new version. The walls are decorated in this style, as if waiting for years for repair. All this contrasts with the laconic furnishings of modern design.

An unusual selection of furniture in dark shades played design only benefit. Light walls and free space in the upper part of the room create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness.

The bathroom is very discreetly decorated.

Convenient storage system allows you to place all the necessary things. The staircase leading to the sleeping area is also used for storage.