Original slippers: easy knitting and elementary assembly

Making your own original slippers is a great way to learn to knit. All you need: a skein of threads, knitting needles, a hook and a pair of decorative buttons. Incredibly, blanks for slippers are just two rectangles connected solely by facial loops. An experienced knitter for such work will need only a few hours, and this is in view of the assembly!

Features knitting and assembly slippers

The canvas, bound garter viscous, quite elastic and does not lose its shape. To begin with, we knit 2 rectangles, the length of which corresponds to the length of the foot, excluding the fingers, and the width is approximately 2.5 times the width of the foot.

Begin assembly with the formation of a sock. Fold the rectangle three times across the knitting.

Backing away from the edge by a third. This is the border to which the canvas will remain flat.

2/3 parts of the thread.

Attach the edge to the place of assembly.

We proceed to the formation of the heel. Align the canvas, fold it in half and sew the chitching seam.

Wrap the remaining end and determine the place of fixation. You can do this right on foot.

After securing the button, proceed to the finish.

The hook is the easiest way to do it.

The assembly of the second slipper is carried out similarly, but in a mirror image.

Examples of elementary schemes for finishing:

Learn more about knitting and assembling in the video: