For the House and Cottages

Craftsman cut old clothes into shreds to make a charming thing.

Instead of throwing out old clothes, it is better to make interesting and unusual things for her at home. For example, on the basis of this stand for a hot / vase, you can, if desired, sew a whole quilt, tablecloth, etc. The crafts are based on squares sewn together, which are very easy to make.

For work you will need:

  • old clothes (these can be pants of two different colors);
  • sewing machine;
  • thread with a needle;
  • pins;
  • scissors.

Getting Started:

1. We cut out equal circles from clothes. Best suited clothing of two different colors.

2. We connect one circle of red color with a circle of light color with a picture inside. We fasten with pins in a circle.

3. Sew together, leaving a small hole through which we twist the workpiece. Manually sew a hole.

4. Fold the circle in half, sew in the center by hand, literally do 3-5 loops. Then fold the sides in half on the other side, again sew by hand.

5. Slightly tuck the fabric, we get such a blank. To make a square with such petals of a different color (not white-green, but red), when stitching a circle, you need the red side to be inside. We make the required number of squares of different colors.

6. In the center they can be decorated with a bead. For the stand will be enough 9 squares.

7. Sew the squares together by hand, alternating colors.

We get a wonderful stand under the hot / vase of unnecessary clothes.