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Home stain remover, which is not worse than the store

It turns out that it is quite easy to do a stain remover with your own hands, besides, the result will be no worse than that of a store! An effective and non-chemical home stain remover will be your favorite product!

The composition of an effective home stain remover:

  • 1 cup of hot water;
  • 1 cup soda ash;
  • 1 cup of 6% hydrogen peroxide.

All ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and applied to the stain (only white clothes!). Leave for 15 minutes, then wash in a washing machine. If the spots are stubborn and strong, then the mixture is left overnight, then washed, as usual.

If you want to remove the stain from colored clothing, then hydrogen peroxide should be replaced by 1 tsp. citric acid.