16 people whom nature endowed with extraordinary genetics

Today there are 7.53 billion people in the world, and each was born a unique personality. And although each person is really special, there are people in the world who are a little different from others. Regardless of whether a person is born with two fingers of the same length, or his eyes of two different colors, these and other features of the appearance are determined by the genetic code with which nature has awarded them.

Hypermobile syndrome

This feature is also known as "double joint" or "connective tissue dysplasia." People can bend their joints outside the normal range. Hypermobile syndrome allows them to do some crazy and weird things, for example, to grab an object with the back of your hand!

Lack of melanin

On the example of a mother and a newborn daughter, this genetic peculiarity can be noticed: on a certain part the hair is white. This is explained by the fact that a sufficient amount of melanin is genetically absent on this hair segment. Such a feature is inherited, such as, for example, ordinary moles.


Macrodactyly is a rare condition where a person has one or more fingers or toes than others. This man, for example, was born with his little finger, which was slightly larger than the other fingers!

Unusual freckles

For some people, freckles appear only in the sun on a hot day, while others hold on all the time. This person has freckles covering exactly half of the face, which makes this feature very funny and interesting!


If you see someone with such different eyes, do not worry - this is not witchcraft, but just a genetic feature - heterochromia. It is associated with a deficiency or excess of melanin in the eye.

Fringed folds

Some people have these folds, and there is nothing special about this: this is normal residual tissue that is not completely absorbed by the body during the development and growth of the tongue. Although it looks quite unusual!


From the side it seems that these fingers are not much different. However, they are distinguished by the fact that the finger on the right cannot be bent.

Waardenburg syndrome

This person looks like a wizard, but in fact he has a rare genetic disease called Waardenburg syndrome. He is deaf in one ear, with white hair and multi-colored eyes!

Oblate septum

This boy was born with a flattened nasal septum. The peculiarity is that it can completely flatten the nose. Besides that, he never had a nosebleed!

Double curl on top

All hair grow in different ways, which allows you to do a variety of hairstyles. For example, this person was born with a double curl on top. It looks quite funny and unusual!

Macular fold

This may seem an unusual fact, but this person does have a “scar” in the eyeball. This is the macular crease that formed in the macula of the eye before birth.


This is a violation of pigmentation, characterized by the fact that in a certain area a person lacks a specific pigment. One day this man completely unexpectedly turned eyelashes on his eye!

Finger junction (syndactyly)

This is a genetic feature that about 1 in 2500 people has. One woman had such a feature, and how surprised she was when her brother married a girl with the exact same feature! This fact led to the fact that the girls made the same tattoo.

Three-phalanx thumb

Noticed something unusual in the hand of this man? That's right: instead of two phalanges he has three of them! This is a genetic and rather rare innate feature.

Rear leg anti-winder (Stahl ear)

Fun fact: this genetic trait is also sometimes called Spock's ear. It is characterized by a pointed shape and an additional cartilaginous fold.

Unique fingers

This man received one thumb from his father and the second from his mother. This condition is also known as brachydactyly.