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8 medicinal plants that will drive away mosquitoes from your site

Annoying and buzzing mosquitoes can ruin the best and carefully planned outdoor gathering in nature. In addition, mosquitoes are distributors of various viruses and parasitic diseases. Of course, getting rid of them is a measure that must be taken. You will be surprised to learn that you can get rid of mosquitoes from your plot only by planting one of these eight plants!


These evergreen shrubs were planted in Sochi long ago on the initiative of the Soviet doctor Sokolov in the framework of the fight against malaria. It is known that malaria in Sochi was finally over after that. Eucalyptus has many beneficial properties that make it the undisputed leader among other medicinal plants.


She banishes not only mosquitoes, but many other parasites. In addition, lemongrass has a rich flavor. This herb is often used in European and Asian cuisines.


This is one of the most attractive and useful types of grass for the site. It is a type of lemongrass, and therefore, like him, perfectly repels mosquitoes. In addition, the herb has a very pleasant lemon flavor.


On the amazing aroma and benefits of rosemary and can not speak. Essential oils, concentrated in the plant, will save your site from unpleasant buzzing parasites.

Calendula Merigold

This is a medicinal plant that produces bright beautiful flowers and decorates the site. Merigold is very unpretentious in the care. The smell of flowers like a person, but completely unpleasant mosquitoes and other parasites.


It must be said that not all varieties of basil repel mosquitoes. The most effective are peppermint and menthol basil. They have a bright pronounced taste and a pleasant mint smell, which mosquitoes do not like at all.

Canadian Collinson

The second name is stone root. This medicinal plant helps to successfully fight kidney stones. Stone root bonus are resins that drive off annoying parasites.


Spicy medicinal herb, actively used in cosmetology and medicine. The composition of the catnip includes a number of oils and substances that repel mosquitoes.