A little home comfort and warmth: bright ways to remake the lamp

Even minor changes in the interior will refresh the atmosphere. Having a desk lamp or a floor lamp, you can experiment with the decor indefinitely. If desired, it is easy to transform the lamp beyond recognition. Decorate the lampshade in different ways. It is possible to pick up successful options for rooms of different styles. Take a look at the already implemented ideas, maybe after that you decide to make changes in your own home.

A little paint, and the lampshade has ceased to be monotonous.

It took no more than a minute to transform an ordinary lamp into a creative one!

In this case, you can admire not only the lamp, but also openwork "prints" on the walls.

A little tape and change the look of the lampshade can even be daily.

Here, too, used tape, but painting.

These are just inscriptions, but how much more interesting the lamp has become!

Knitted lampshades are able to fill the atmosphere with special warmth and comfort.

This lamp now resembles a bell. It is painted not from the outside, but from the inside.

The light source with the effect of degradation can be a highlight of the situation.

Who said that the old map can not become an interior decoration?

A bit of creativity and the usual coffee filters turned into a glowing cloud.

It is difficult to believe that this stylish lampshade is created from ordinary disposable plates.

A lamp with family photos will be a source of pride and admiration.

Who said ruffles are good only for dressing?

Floral motifs and ornaments can be used for different purposes. They can be bright and monochrome, voluminous and flat.

Abstract drawing is easy to create with the help of multi-colored tape.