How to remove half a century of carbon from the pan in an easy way

Almost every house has an old frying pan, in which potatoes, scrambled eggs and many other things are beautifully fried. However, its appearance gives the age of utensils. Do not worry, to give it a look close to the original, is quite simple.

Choose a pan or any other container that can be heated and in which the pan fits completely. Fill it with water. It is better to boil it in advance to speed up the process.

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Add two tablespoons of soda with a slide, mix it slightly in water and turn on the heat. Let skillet pan for an hour.

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After the pan has cooled, you can scrape the carbon. For this fit the usual knife. Remove maximum soot from the bottom and walls.

Using sandpaper, remove any carbon residue to give the pan a complete look.

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It should be immediately noted that it is possible to achieve the ideal result, but only with the use of electric tools. Manually remove carbon from small cracks and cavities is very difficult.

Read more about the cleaning method in the video.