For the House and Cottages

Complete and decorate the interior of your room with unusual shelves

An excellent way to decorate a room and complement the interior is to install an unusual and beautiful shelf. It does not have to be large, however, you can choose a shelf of unusual shape: in the form of a tree, a circle, an arbitrary geometric shape, etc. Evaluate 20 amazing bookshelves that amaze the imagination:

Delightful wood-shaped shelf

An interesting option to use the space to the top.

And the shelf, and a place to rest

This bookshelf as if descended from the pages of children's fairy tales.

Creative option able to successfully decorate the interior

A lot of storage space + organized recreation area

Transformer shelf, which can be assembled as you need

These shelves are really amazing.

Such a bookshelf can become a highlight of the interior.

Minimalistic but very creative

You can also assemble an unusual and budget shelf from the boxes.

Classical bookshelf with 3-D effect

It looks just great!

Shelves with a slight slope - a great design idea

Such a shelf will not take up much space, but will wonderfully decorate the interior.

Narrow and tall shelf with an unusual design

Another version of a wooden bookcase in the shape of a tree

Unusual design combined with practicality

Minimalist and very beautiful