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Luxury short haircuts of the season. Many fashionable images with photos

Today, an increasing number of women choose a short haircut, because it is not only convenient, but also beautiful. The variety is amazing: this is not only a classic square and bob, but also pixies, and garcon, steps, and many others. There really is something to choose from!

Asymmetric haircut

If you want something unusual, then an asymmetrical haircut will fit perfectly. She is creative, bold and bold, and, moreover, very beautiful.


Uneven strands look beautiful on curly and straight hair, create volume and beautiful transitions curls. Putting this hairstyle easier than ever.


This “shaggy” short hairstyle creates a casual image. Hair does not require a lot of time for laying.

Long fringe

Perfect for owners of straight hair. Looks stylish and spectacular.


Not aging classics. There are many options for this haircut: symmetrical and asymmetrical, and curls of different lengths - you can choose the best option with your hairdresser.

Shaved head or temples

Not every woman will decide on this trendy haircut. This is an extremely creative option for the bravest women.


Classic haircut for short hair with lots of variations. Most often, it is chosen by girls with straight hair, although owners of curly hair may also find this haircut interesting, especially if the hairdresser makes irregular strands.


She is chosen by businesswomen. This haircut is perfect for unruly hair: garcon gives the image of slight negligence.


Unusual hairstyle that requires frequent adjustment by a hairdresser. It looks extremely impressive and bright.

"Open ears"

The real trend of the season! The hair is deliberately disheveled, the ears are open, the curls are short and carelessly trimmed, the hairstyle is light and stylish.


Great for fine hair. Haircut "pixie" hides the age of a woman, creates a fragile and touching image.