Interesting ways to use old window frames: suitable for giving and for home

To keep the house warm and not to spend a fortune on heating, old windows will have to be replaced. But the frame and glass is not necessary to throw away. Here are some great reuse ideas.

Use the old frame as a decoration

Place your photos under glass, draw a picture on it or make an original panel. Such decoration can be the perfect decoration of the walls in the country or in a country house.

Make a small coffee table

Complete the frame legs and paint in the desired color. You can go further and create a hidden box for small items.

Build a greenhouse on the plot

Depending on how many frames you have, you can decide on a serious project or build several small boxes.

Make a coat hanger or shelf for small things.

Extra storage space is useful in any home!

New fence for a garden or partition

Windows can create a border where it is needed. You can limit the beds, the veranda or even separate areas of the living room.

Use the frame instead of the door for the rack or cabinet

Expose beautiful dishes or decorative stuff for everyone to see.

Let the window remain a window!

But this time, where you can not think about protection from the cold, for example in the fence or between the rooms in the house.