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Nontrivial idea of ​​using plastic bottles: they can be used to make furniture

Not only ecologists are interested in the problem of plastic reuse today, but also people who are not indifferent to environmental problems. So, for example, plastic can be not only transformed into any "new" thing (crafts), but also used as a fastening material during the creation of ... furniture.

It turns out that plastic is a reliable material that firmly holds the joints. Additionally, no material other than a plastic bottle is required. Also in work the construction hair dryer (the thermohair dryer) is required.

For this, future parts, such as a chair or a table, are cut from the tree, and the seams between the individual parts are fastened with pieces of a plastic bottle. To do this, a plastic bottle is cut into the required size of the part, include a hairdryer and literally solder wood and plastic together.

What is surprising: a small piece of plastic is enough to firmly fasten, for example, a leg of a chair. Plastic is very tight and tightly glues the two parts together. In such a chair, you can safely swing from side to side.