Bouquets of paper flowers. Charming decor do it yourself


Living flowers enliven the space around them, however, they can be quite expensive and, moreover, after a while they wither. Today, paper flowers, which were previously used only in creative crafts, are beginning to decorate houses instead of fresh flowers and even become the perfect bouquet of the bride! You do not need to be a professional needlewoman to make such a bouquet for yourself or to someone as a gift. For a paper bouquet you need a minimum of materials and your time.

To work, prepare:

  • multicolored paper;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • pencil;
  • round object to use it to draw and cut the same circles on paper.

Getting Started:

1. Draw a circle on pieces of paper.

2. Cut it with scissors.

3. Fold the resulting circle in half.

4. Fold half the paper inward to form a heart shape. This is a future petal.

5. Glue the edges of the folded circle to form a petal shape.

6. Repeat 5-6 times more to make 5-6 petals.

7. Make the receptacle and the leaves: start by folding a rectangular piece of paper in half.

8. Then start cutting it so that small spikes form around the edge, and the whole piece of paper looks like half a sheet.

9. Next, start folding it horizontally in alternating directions so that it forms peculiar ridges.

10. Unfold the paper to open the sheet. Make two (or more) sheets and glue them together.

11. Now we begin to collect the petals and leaves together. Coat the edge of the petal with glue.

12. We put to the leaves.

13. Repeat until you receive a paper flower!

Such wonderful bouquets can turn out at you:

Detailed work is described in the video below: