Clothing in the style of "patchwork". A selection of fashionable images

Dresses and coats, as if stitched from the remnants of fabric, confidently conquer fashion catwalks. This trend needlewoman, of course, at hand. After all, the current fashionable outfit, a little different from the works of world-famous designers, can be created independently! And here are some tips that will help.

The choice of fabric for work

You can create patchwork clothes from both ready-made things and from scratch. However, it is important that the fabric for decoration is well combined with the base. It is important that washing in one mode is suitable for various materials, none of the fabrics have faded. The simplest thing is to start with the decoration of a dress or a skirt of a simple silhouette.

Pay special attention to the combination of colors. If you are not sure that the specific shades you go, place such patches away from the face. Sew each patch onto the finished dress separately - in this case, any errors or inaccuracies will be easier to correct.

Work with knitwear

In the patchwork style, you can not only sew, but also knit. There are several techniques that allow you to create really beautiful things. First of all, you can use a ready-made thing by sticking patches of different textures on it. Secondly, to introduce textile parts right while knitting things. And the third option is to use multi-colored threads, including with interesting effects (fluff, melange, etc.). Using textile parts, consider stretching knitted items.

Alteration and repair of things

Sometimes the next patch is a forced measure. In this case, you can not limit the repair of the damaged area, and completely redo the thing. Due to the color patches, it is easy to increase the length or width of the clothes, seal up the gaps or completely change its silhouette.

Here are some examples for inspiration: